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In Mold Decoration

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Free DFM feedback and recommendation
Professional product design optimization
T1 sample as few as 7days
Thorough reliability test process

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CNC Machining Available Process


Professional Expertise and Guidance

Experienced team will help you on optimize molding part design, prototyping validation, recommendations whatever film or design improvement and production applications


Available Sample Checking

Production-level tool available with T1 samples delivered within 3weeks


Complicated Designs Acceptance

The narrow tolerance and 2D drawing acceptance to ensure closely match with your desired requirement with cost saving but quality guaranteed

IMD Sub Process

IML-In Mold Label
IML is a technique in which a pre-printed label is inserted into a mould immediately before moulding takes place. In this way ,fully printed parts can be produced at the end of the moulding process, without the need for a further difficult and expensive printing stage


IMF-In Mold Film
Roughly the same as IML but mainly used for 3D processing on top of IML. The process: Printing → forming → punching → inner plastic injection. It is widely used in molding for PC vacuum and high pressure , much suitable for high tensile products, 3D products

IMR-In Mold Roller
IMR is another IMD process to transfer the graphic on the part. Process steps: the film is sent into the mold and positioned, and then the drawing is transferred to the injection product after closing the mold. After opening the mold, the film is stripped and the product is pushed out.
Technical: fast production speed, stable yield, low cost, in line with the 3C industry demand change, short life cycle demand. Application products: mobile phones, digital cameras and 3C products.


In Mold Decoration Process Flow


Foil Printing

In-Mold Decoration film is printed by high speed gravure printing process. several layers(customized) of graphic color (max) also hard coat layer and adhesion layer are applied during this printing process


IMD molding

A foil feeder is installed on the injection machine. Foil film is then fed between the injection molding tool. Optical sensors in the feeder adjust registration of the film, and the ink printed on the film is transferred onto the plastic by the heat and pressure of injection molding



After injection molding, the decorated products are available. No need 2nd process, unless UV cure HC is applied, there is a UV curing process

Technical Specification

Printing method Gravure printing, Silk screen printing
Applicable material for injection molding ABS, PC, PC, PBT+Glass fiber, PET, PC/ABS, PMMA, TPU, etc
Surface finish High gloss, Mid matte, Low matte, Silky touch, Soft touch
Surface function Hard Coating(Scratch resistance), UV shielding, Anti finger print
Other function IR transmittance ink, Low conductive ink
IMD Applications Two sides IMD, Two shots IMD, Inserts IMD

Material Selection

FCE will help you find best material according to the product requirement and application. There is a lot of choices in the market, we will also according the cost effective and supply chain stability to recommend the brand and grade of resins.


Key Benefits


Hard coat protection

Cosmetic surface protective to against scratch, chemical resistance but with Colorful surface


Decoration on Design Data

Surface decoration follow design data, since decoration is applied at the same time of injection molding process


Precise registration

The precision foil feeding system with optical sensor and +/-0.2mm precision control


High productivity roll feeder system

Foils and IMD molding is managed by roller system. Automotive and efficient production


Environmentally friendly

IMD ink is only applied onto the area where decoration is allowed. Friendly chemical components are used for environment protection

From Prototype to Production

Rapid Design Molds

Anticipated way for part design validation, low volume verification, steps for production

  • No minimum quantities limited
  • Lower cost design fitment checking
  • Soft tool with hard steel

Production Tooling

Ideal for volume production parts, Tooling costs are higher than Rapid Design Molds, but allows for lower part pricing

  • Up to 5M molding shots
  • Multi-cavity tooling
  • Automatic and monitoring

Typical Development Process


Quote with DFx

Check you requirement data and applications, provide scenarios quote with different suggestions. Simulation report with be provided in parallel


Review prototype (alternative)

Develop rapid tool (1~2wks) to mold prototype samples for design and molding process verification


Production mold development

You can kick off ramp up immediately with prototype tool. If the demand over millions, kick off production mold with multi-cavitation in parallel, which will take approx. 2~5weeks


Repeat Order

If you have focus for the demand, we can start delivery within 2days. No focus order,  we can start partial shipment as few as 3days

In Mold Decoration FAQs

What are advantages of In Mold Decoration

  • Extremely versatile uses
  • Creates a completely sealed surface
  • Works with a wide range of materials
  • No need for secondary finishes
  • Wide range of finishes can be included, including UV-stable
  • Possibility to incorporate living switches
  • No need for post-moulding labelling
  • Work with spot color or full graphics
  • Cost saving in the molding materials

What are applications of In Mold Decoration

  • Decorative Trim and Accessories for OEM
  • Decorative Trim and Accessories for Automotive
  • Consumer Products (Cell Phone Cases, Electronics, Cosmetics)
  • Variety of decorative plastic laminate combinations
  • Custom manufacture to satisfy all of your requirements – price, durability and look
  • Ability to quickly provide prototypes in small quantities for proof of concept and program approval for ultimate customer confidence
  • Most chemical resistant cap in the industry is available for parts that must be extra durable

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