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The seven components of injection mold, do you know?

The basic structure of the injection mold can be divided into seven parts: casting system molding parts, lateral parting, guiding mechanism, ejector device and core pulling mechanism, cooling and heating system and exhaust system according to their functions. The analysis of these seven parts is as follows:

1. Gating system It refers to the plastic flow channel in the mold from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity. Ordinary pouring system is composed of main runner, branch runner, gate, cold material hole and so on.

2. Lateral parting and core pulling mechanism.

3. In the plastic mold, the guiding mechanism mainly has the functions of positioning, guiding, and bearing a certain side pressure, so as to ensure the accurate clamping of the movable and fixed molds. The clamping guide mechanism consists of guide posts, guide sleeves or guide holes (directly opened on the template), and positioning cones.

4. The ejection device mainly plays the role of ejecting the parts from the mold, and is composed of ejector rods or ejector tubes or push plates, ejector plates, ejector rod fixing plates, reset rods and pull rods.

5. Cooling and heating system.

6. Exhaust system.

7. Molded parts It refers to the parts that constitute the mold cavity. Mainly include: punch, die, core, forming rod, forming ring and inserts and other parts.
During production, the compression molding situation caused by the injection molding machine thimble and slider not in place or the product not being completely demolded has been repeatedly prohibited, which has caused headaches for the technicians engaged in the injection molding site; due to the frequent occurrence of compression molding, the maintenance and repair costs of the mold Very high, reducing the cost of mold repair is one of the ways that the boss considers most to control the production cost; the delay in the construction period caused by the press mold and mold repair makes the sales staff worry about not being able to deliver on time and affects the customer’s schedule; the quality of the mold, In fact, it affects whether the work of each department can be completed on time according to the quality and quantity.

Due to the specificity, precision, vulnerability and other characteristics of injection molding machine molds, each company is very important to the safety protection of injection molds, and many friends still don’t know how to protect injection molds? Today, I will introduce to you how the mold protector protects the safety of your mold!
Mold protector, also known as mold monitor and electronic eye, is mainly a mold protection system that monitors, controls and detects the operation of various injection molding machines in real time. It can effectively protect the expensive mold, can effectively detect whether the product is qualified, and check whether there is any residue before the mold is closed to prevent the mold from being pinched.

Post time: Aug-29-2022