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Professional Mold customization in FCE

FCE is a company specializing in the manufacture of high-precision injection molds, engaged in the manufacture of medical, two-color molds, and ultra-thin box in-mold labeling. As well as the development and manufacture of molds for household appliances, auto parts, and daily necessities. The company has a group of high-tech designers with rich experience in mold development and skilled manufacturing personnel, which provide us with a favorable reference value for the production of different types of plastic molds and injection molding production, and ensure the quality and quality of high-quality molds. Efficient production speed.

Taizhou Huangyan Aorui Mould Co., Ltd. mainly produces injection moulds of the following categories:
1- Two-color mold series: two-color cup mold, two-color bowl mold, knife two-color handle mold, etc.
2- Thin-walled mold series: food packaging box mold, disposable flower pot mold, ice cream box mold, cheese box mold, etc.
3- In-mold labeling mold series: paint bucket mold and paint bucket lid in-mold labeling mold, food packaging box and lid mold, chair in-mold labeling mold, etc.
4- Transportation mold series: vegetable turnover box mold, beer turnover box mold, cola turnover box mold, large plastic tray mold, tool box mold, etc.
5- Daily necessities mold series: kitchenware mold, table mold, chair mold, trash can mold, stool mold, etc.
6- Packaging mold series: PET bottle preform mold, lid mold, food packaging box mold, etc.
7- Pipe fitting mould series: PVC pipe fitting mould, PPR pipe fitting mould, PP pipe fitting mould etc.
8- Household appliance mold series: refrigerator accessories mold, washing machine accessories mold, air conditioner accessories mold, etc.

Pay our efforts and present our exquisite and high-quality molds for you. Choose us and use our professional technology to add our strength to the development of your enterprise. We will provide you with mold development for your products. your cost. Shorten your production cycle and get your products to market ahead of schedule! I believe that your business will be more prosperous under our cooperation!

Post time: Aug-29-2022